Speaking to Spirit Guides

Thoughts on communicating with Angels

Let the angels surprise you. The freer you are of expectations, the more open you will be too miraculous surprises that often appear in ways beyond our imaginings.

While it is good to be open and receptive, a degree of caution will help you avoid being surprised by something that feels wrong. Prepare for guidance from your inner divine child and your angel guides – but call upon both together – before your request. This way, you can trust yourself as much as you trust the angels.

Because your angel guides are non-physical beings, they don’t touch you physically. Your inner divine child, on the other hand, is part of your physical body and can communicate with angels through any of your five senses, such as by experiencing the pressure on the crown of your head or sensing a light touch on your shoulder while hearing an answer to your request.

Speaking to Spirit

The more you open up to receive messages through your five physical senses, the easier it will be for you to see, hear and feel connections with your angel guides. And the messages they share with you will increasingly flow into your mind unasked as you relax and notice what comes to you whenever you are open and receptive.

For instance, while typing this article, I asked for guidance on communicating about this subject before I had even considered it. All I did was briefly put my hands in front of me into a prayer position with both palms touching and immediately felt a cold breeze on my right palm that lasted just long enough for me to know I was being given a message.
I have begun asking my angels to guide me with the touch of a cold breeze whenever they communicate by touching me so that I can communicate about what is happening for other people as well. As you become more familiar with how your inner divine child communicates, you will better recognize when your angels are communicating with you and will be able to return to a state of receptivity quickly.

This can help you manifest the miracles your angels want you to share in this world.

And that is what communicating with your angels is all about.

The angels will help you to recognize the divine perfection of all things as they are now. As you take a moment to express gratitude for something already in your life, you allow yourself to be filled with light and optimism for what’s present or coming into being. This frees up energy formerly engaged in resistance and prepares you energetically to receive the grace and blessings already available to you but may still be hidden.

Love and Forgive Yourself. Allow love and forgiveness of yourself and others, as well as any situation in which you find yourself. Love and forgiveness are the highest vibrational energetic frequencies, and they work to dissolve the lower energies of fear and judgment. Holding onto fear or judgment keeps you in a state that only allows for more of what you don’t want — yet true love is powerful enough to transform all things into divine perfection. By holding love and forgiveness in your heart for yourself and others, you help create the world you truly want to experience.

Try this: As often as possible, say “I love you” out loud throughout your day. When we call ourselves by name and offer a simple statement of love, it helps us connect with our own divine essence. It also helps shift our awareness because hearing love in your own voice is a powerful experience.

Let go of any expectations about how this acknowledgment of yourself should sound; say it gently or energetically, quietly, or loudly. The words “I love you” are the most important part; let them ring out loud and clear! You can even say them to yourself in a mirror, saying “I love you” to receive your own pictures back from the reflection. This is an enjoyable way to practice!

This is the law of the universe, and it always has been so. All life is supported by love, and unconditional assistance is always given. The angels feel joy in knowing that you seek their help, and they give whatever energy is most needed to uplift your understanding or lift you up.

You may pray for any reason, and no request will be denied. You may pray for guidance and comfort to be released from pain or suffering, and the angels will always come in whatever form is most helpful. They have a sacred joy in being of service to you in any way they can. When you feel their love surrounding you, know that your prayers have been answered.
All help is given to lift you and send your energy into a higher vibration. You may receive support from the angels in many ways, including being shown a sign, feeling that something is true or simply receiving a sign if the prayer is said out loud or silently with an active idea.

Wherever there is love, the angels are always present, so it matters not whether your prayer is said out loud. Assistance will always be given to send you an answer, no matter how small it may seem.

Expect love and loving guidance at all times, both when asking for help and when not asked. You are blessed in countless ways by the angels who surround you with unconditional love at all times, regardless of your beliefs about them. This is their promise to you, and they keep it permanently.

You may say,
“I ask my angels to _ (fill in the blank with a request), and I thank the angels for this help given.”

When asking for help from the angels, you must ask for things that are in your highest and best good. If you ask for a new job that will cause you many problems later on, this is not a request that should be made, as the angels will only give you what is truly best for you.

Be willing to give up anything that is not for the highest good. Be ready to have all your desires fulfilled or be open to having it revealed what you must do if they are not meant to be fulfilled at this time. There is a perfect order of life, and sometimes we are shown what, for some reason, cannot come about until later. Just remember that nothing is ever truly lost. It can be transformed into something else or come to you again when the timing is right.

Make your prayer requests known to God/Goddess and all that exist in this world of Reality, but let go of the outcome either way. Allow the angels to support you through whatever they can, but be willing to change your vision or prayer request if God/Goddess so wills.

All of us have things blocking us from being our whole selves. We all have housekeeping chores to do within ourselves before we can ever reach true enlightenment and perfection. Be open to doing what is difficult, painful, or time-consuming to remove those blocks. Even suffering has a purpose and teaches us many lessons. The suffering usually creates the space for God/Goddess to fill with insight, inspiration, understanding, and wisdom.


This meditation supports you in your efforts to feel better and be more connected:

First, take a few deep breaths and center yourself in your heart.
Close your eyes and imagine a golden sun above you. See the sun’s rays shining down on you like beams of energy that fill your entire body with light. Let each breath take you deeper into this light until there is no place for anything negative to hang on to; nothing but pure, positive energy remains.

Feel this light coursing through your body, purifying all the spaces within you. Take yourself higher and higher with each breath until you are pure spirit. Allow yourself to rise above everything that has ever held you down or back—any fear, doubt, worry, pain, guilt—just let it all flow away. Know in your deepest heart that you are now free.
You have become a being of light moving freely through the universe, held safely in the arms of God/Goddess.

Now, allow yourself to soar high above anything that is not yet completed or healed within you so you may receive all the guidance and direction from the angels that your heart desires. And when you are ready, open your eyes and return to this plane of Reality.

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