Extraordinary and Enigmatic

The case of Alice

Alice was exhausted. She had spent the night tending to her sick son, and her two daughters in the back seat of her car were bickering non-stop. As she drove down busy Route 1, Alice couldn’t help but feel a little distracted.

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Suddenly, out of nowhere, Alice got a strange vision as she glanced over at an approaching Mac truck on her right side. In the vision, she saw herself swerving off course in response to the truck’s sudden movement–a crash that would surely end disastrously for all involved.

Shaken by this vision, Alice immediately took action and slammed on the brakes just as the Mac truck began to veer dangerously close to them. Even though it seemed like time was standing still during those few seconds before impact, they eventually passed by without incident thanks to Alice’s quick thinking and psychic intuition, which allowed her to foresee what was about to happen next.

Alice breathed a heavy sigh of relief as they continued their journey unscathed from danger, largely in part because of her own supernatural abilities!

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