Angels and Spirit Guides

Angels divine companions Angels and Spirit Guides

Many high-level beings of light throughout your life guide you. They encourage you to be the best version of yourself, continuously growing spiritually and accomplishing the greatest good for all. They want you to live a life filled with love, joy, and happiness. To achieve this, they provide you with opportunities to grow and learn. It is up to you to recognize these opportunities and take action on them (i.e., engage your free will) or not. Spirit guides are here for you–to support and encourage you, but it is within your power to make the changes needed to return to the light. You are guided by your soul or higher self, as well as your spirit guides and guardian angels, but you have free will on whether or not to listen.

Spirit Guides and Angels

Our spirit guides are not here to tell us what we should be doing but rather show us the way. We must use our discernment and belief systems when choosing which path we wish to take.

The following is a short list of the different spirit guides and guardian angels that you may be trying to contact. You may want to research them further on your own:

Spirit Guides – There are many kinds of spirit guides, such as power animals (eagles, wolves, etc.), nature spirits (trees, flowers), ancestor guides, and higher self-guides.

Angels – There are many different kinds of angels, too, such as guardian angels (assigned to all of us at birth), guides (helpful throughout life), and archangels (up there with the big kahunas).

Angels and spirit guides are assigned to you before birth and will help you discover things about yourself and the world around you. They have closely followed your progress throughout many lifetimes and incarnations, never giving up on guiding you to the light. They are a part of the ongoing process of learning about yourself and sharing your experiences. They come from different realms, dimensions, levels, or vibrational frequencies centered on unconditional love for humankind and this planet. They are the ones who have done the work to allow them to graduate into angelic or spirit guides, so they understand what it is like being human and can help you along your way.

Angels have specific tasks and responsibilities. Therefore, an Archangel may become involved when there is a need to protect yourself or another person. You may find that an angel or guide comes to you in times of need, and they are working on the same side with you, guiding you.

Generally, those who work in areas with much emotional energy have more spirit guides. For example, spiritual leaders, healers, and people who do counseling would fall into this category.

Spirit Guides and Angels

You can find out who your spirit guides are through meditation or invocation. Remember that the information you receive is often prefaced with an energetic ‘key’ or symbol. For example, I see the number ‘6’ when I receive spiritual knowledge. Your guide will send images or other indicators about the subject connected to the information being provided. Sometimes your spirit guides will speak audibly or appear physically, but they usually give you their intuitive guidance.

One of the first steps to being open to spirit guides is developing trust in knowing they are there. Even if you don’t know who your guides are, every time something unexplainable or seemingly spontaneous happens, it means a guide is busy at work. When a person realizes this and begins listening for their guidance, more information about them will start to surface.

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