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7 tips for connecting with your spirit guides

Angels are the messengers of the Divine. They are symbols of greater love, truth, beauty, and power. Angels transform our lives when we allow them to enter with their loving energy into our hearts.

It’s time for us to open up and listen to that voice, encouraging us to change, grow and expand. It is time for us to step into our light, remember our divine birthright, and trust that we are on the path of the highest possibility.

Spirit Guides

I invite you to add angel magic to your life using the simple tips below. You should do this before going to sleep or when you awaken in the mornings. The critical thing to remember is that there are no set rules when connecting with angels, and you can call an angel using whatever technique you like, whenever you want.

I only ask that you feel what feels right to you in your own time and space.

1) Light a candle
Angels are pure light and often like to commune with us in the frequency where light meets color. To do this, light a candle or go outside at night when it is incredibly dark. Allow yourself to become still by focusing on your breath, feeling your heart beating, noticing sensations in your body (this calms the lower mind), and then ask an angel to join you in your meditation.

2) Create a sacred space
Creating a place in your home where you regularly pray, meditate, or engage in spiritual practice has immense power to connect you periodically with the angels. Imagine what it would be like if there were pictures of things that drew you closer to love, truth, beauty, and power in every room of your house.

3) Journal
Journaling is another way to create a sacred space where you can flow wisdom from the angels into your life through words and pictures. My journals are like magic portals that I go into regularly for inspiration and guidance, and look how many times an angel inspired me through my journals!

4) Sing or chant
Singing for the angels creates a beautiful sound vibration that lifts you and brings divine energy into your life. When we chant, we often do so with others in spiritual centers where the vibration of the group is so elevating that even if there are no individuals who can sing on key, it is pure delight!

5) Dance
Dancing is another way to release inhibition and raise your spirits. The more spontaneous, the better! Many people report that when they dance for the angels, their spirit guides tune in with them because dancing brings us energetically to non-emotional states.

6) Touch
There are many ways of connecting with the angels through touch. Sacred massage is something I do regularly to get in touch with my inner child and support her emotional healing process. Your way of touching yourself or someone else can also be an angel connection if you do it from a loving place filled with appreciation for all that exists.

7) Use your voice
One of my favorite ways to connect with the angels is by using my voice, sometimes singing a song I know, other times just tuning into the rhythm of my breath and allowing it to come out as a chant or a sound that feels good in my body. It might be a grunt or a sigh, or a word that is meaningful to you. When we use our voice in an angelic way, we use it in its purest form, thus going beyond language’s limitations.

connecting with spirit

You can even do all of these things at once! Open a portal with a candle and chant while touching yourself from a place of love. Watch your whole body light up when you do this.

The more ways you open yourself, the more channels you have to receive angelic guidance. There is no right or wrong way to communicate with the angels; follow your inner advice and watch what unfolds in miraculous ways.

Miracles happen when you least expect them, so stay alert for synchronicities, coincidences, and signs of all kinds that can support you on your spiritual path. The more open you are to regularly receive inspiration from the angels, the more it begins to flow into your life.

The angels are always there for you, even if you cannot see them with your physical eyes. Tune in to their frequency whenever you desire their support or guidance or feel their presence surrounding you with unconditional love.

Thank you for reading seven tips for connecting with your Angels. Please comment below and share this post if you like it. Thank you!

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