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Serenity Stone

I am able to reveal the obstacles in your path, and to guide you in your Love, Relationships, and most challenging - Life Expeditions. I convey to you what my spirit guides direct me to share with you, whether you feel it's likely to happen or not. My conviction is that I completely stand behind my visions. I worry for my clients and feel very protective of them, so I share the bad with the good.

A little about my background:

I'm a nationally, and internationally respected psychic-medium, with a sensationally enriching level of accuracy. With more than 20 years of remarkable Psychic experience to my credit, I have established a trusting base of clients that include people from every walk of life including; Teachers/Professors, Doctors, Psychics, Accountants, Lawyers, Public Figures, Celebrities, Homemakers, Spiritualists, and more. I have helped thousands in every facet of their lives: ( Past, Present and Future ) - - in matters of; Love, Relationship, Life Purpose, Soul mates, Career, Business Development, Criminal Affair, Spiritual growth, Religion, Death, and more.

I believe we have choices and control over our own destinies. I believe we come to earth to learn and our personal choices help us along those paths. However, whether we learn the lessons we come to earth to learn is up to us. If we do not learn from a certain lifetime, we are doomed to relive the same life over again until our mission is complete.

So with that said our time will be used to:
• Ensure that you are "on track", by helping you see the choices ahead giving you opportunity to choose the best path among your many choices.
• Locate the "areas" of your life that have held you back in love, finance, and fulfillment.
• Explore deep into the mind and soul of your loved one,
• Provide you with information from my guides to better change your current life situation,
• "See" the intentions of others around you and what they are up to,
• "See" how the actions of those close to you may affect you in the future the power of this knowledge can help you to minimize the severity of any unpleasant upcoming events.
• Connect with loved ones who have passed,
• Help you find your own personal connection with loved ones who have passed,
• I can show you how to make what seems currently impossible POSSIBLE,
• Directing you to fulfillment
• I am also able to find lost items with my remote viewing abilities,
• And so much more!

To get the most out of your reading it is good practice to have clarity on what you want to know before you call, and keep notes. Psychic readings can be very emotionally draining for both you and your psychic, emotional situations can make you forgetful, keeping notes and having clarity on your questions before they are asked will prevent forgetfulness. Keep in mind that healing happens in different ways for each and every one of us. And no two psychics are the same, not every psychic can give you the answers you seek. Always use your instincts when choosing your psychic.

I am a clairvoyant, psychic, medium, with remote vision abilities. All of my predictions come from images and messages that I receive from my guides. At times I will ask you names or initials of people and places you are asking about, and sometimes I have you repeat these names or initials. I do this only to get you to focus on the matter at hand. So I can see your situation more clearly.

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